Privacy Policy

To make your experience memorable, enjoyable and user-friendly, we at Uptown collect and use certain information provided by you. The Privacy Policy addresses the collection, use and disclosure of the information that we may gather during your experience at Uptown or through any queries of yours on our website. This privacy policy or “Privacy Policy” is applicable to you and your personal data.

From this privacy policy, you can get the following information such as information about end-user, which end-user information is disclosed, and how we protect your personal information. This Privacy Policy has been designed to let you or the user know how we at Uptown intend to use this personal information of yours. The data is collected from you through the website or your experience at Uptown. This data contains the personal information acquired from you through the online contact forms and other platforms. Uptown is wholly committed to maintaining your privacy.

You can anytime review the entire privacy policy and know more about how we collect and process your information such as end user information, which end user information is disclosed and to whom (third parties) and how does Uptown safeguards your information. The terms such as use, using, process and processing information is subject to analysis, and processing or handling data in any way.


Personal Data

The following information is asked from you when you try to contact us through our website or any other medium:

  • Your Name (first and last)
  • Your Residential Address (postal, city and the country)
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Email ID

If you are making an enquiry, you might be asked to provide other personal details such as age, gender etc.

Reasons and Legal Grounds

The Personal Data provided by you will be used by us for the below given purposes:

  • In case you have asked us a query or have requested us to get in touch with you personally, we will use the contact information provided by you to get in touch with you and resolve your query.
  • Website tools such as cookies, pixels and other similar digital tools would be dropped on your device that will help us collect information regarding how you use and interact with the website. Through this, we would be able to monitor your behavior and the amount of time you spend on the website. These tools help us to track these details as they would be channeled back to our data analytics tools. We will analyses and determine the marketing channel (e-mail newsletters and Google AdWords) from which you originated and the pages you browsed more. We will also retrieve information regarding how you used and interacted with the website and the amount of time spent by you on it. We will also get access to the basic information which would include the time and date of your last visit to the website, the timestamp of the request made through the browser, your device’s IP address, the basic HTTP header information (such as user agent and referral URL) and the previous URL requested by your browser.


Only the authorized personnel of Uptown can access your personal data provided by you. The authorized Uptown employees might be granted access to your Personal Data only for the purposes and reasons mentioned above. These employees are bound by the obligation of confidentiality.

When required, we may share your personal information with any company affiliated with Uptown.

We can share the personal data obtained from you with any third party (such as service providers) that is acting on your behalf. This third party will use this data as per our instructions only and for the purposes specified above.

We might share your Personal Data if the honorable courts of India ask for it or any law specifies. The parties with which we would share your personal data include agencies such as law enforcement agencies, or any other government agency.


Your personal information will be retained till the time the purpose for which it was collected is attained. Once our purpose is fulfilled for which your personal data was collected, this information will be erased from our records.


Uptown makes sure to fully protect your information against any accidental or unlawful uses (including access, damage, disclosure or loss of Personal Data). This is done through appropriate technical and organizational security measures.


You can anytime get in touch with us in case of any queries related to this Privacy Policy. You can also request the access, erasure, portability, rectification or restriction of your Personal Data. In case of any complaints or if you are not satisfied with the way we process or use your personal data, you can contact us.


For any questions or queries regarding this Privacy Policy, you can contact us through:


phone number:


Uptown has the authority and the right to update the content of the Privacy Policy from time to time. We expect that you will keep yourself updated with these changes. We will notify you of any changes related to the Privacy Policy by posting the new one on the website. If you provide any information after the updating, then it will be assumed that you agree with the updated terms of the Privacy Policy.